Earn credits and join Ivyadu all premium courses for free

If you want the Ivyadu course for free then you have to earn credits for it. So, some main questions are:

what are these Ivyadu credits?

Ivyadu created these credits for users, If you don’t have enough money to join the course or if you think that course is a little costly then you can use these credits. Ivyadu credits are nothing but a digital Ivyadu currency that you can only use to join courses on the website.

what is the value of Ivyadu credits?

If you want to know what value has Ivyadu credit? then the answer is simple 1 Ivyadu credit is equal to 1 INR. For example, if the course price is Rs 1000 and you have 1000 credits then you can redeem them all to join the course but note that first, you have to convert credit into a coupon.
Note: the price could be changed from time to time and the website has full rights to change it with/without noticing you.

how can convert credit to coupons?

To converting credits into coupon, you have to fill the form, you can simply follow the link to fill the form, if you have any query related this then you can contact us at praveen@gyanpot.com

how to redeem credits for joining courses?

First, you will have to choose the course that you want to join then you can redeem it. For example, you have 1000 credits and the course price is also Rs 1000 then you have to convert your credits into coupon (for converting credit, you can follow this guide: http://www.ivyad.com) after receiving the coupon you can simply use it on the checkout page. Now, what if you have less credit then the course price? then you have to pay the left amount with real money.

Note: On some courses, credits will not work and with some course, you could use limited credits.

can I withdraw these credits in real money?

No, you cannot redeem these credits with real money. why is it? the answer is simple you earned these credits free of cost and we design this system only for those students who don’t have that much money to join the courses.

how much credit money I can earn?

For now, you can earn as much as credits you want (every credit you will get after reviewing your tasks).

Is there any limit to join redeem credit on per course?

On some courses, there could be a limit for accepting credits. why is it? because we gave our sweat and blood to create these premium courses and we want to create a barrier for users to join premium courses as well and lastly we need money to run the server & website maintenance. If you want to support us then you can donate us here: www.paytm.com

how can I earn credits?

Now, The main thing is how can we earn these Ivyadu credits? The answer is very simple. you have to complete some tasks (we don’t charge anything to complete these tasks).

There are several options that you can use to earn credits:

  1. With the help of social sites
  2. Using Some Affiliate Links
  3. YouTube Video Submission
  4. Blog post submission
  5. More Coming Soon
In Simple words, you just need to post some banner and video on your social sites. but there are some limits. you can only use Facebook, Instagram, and twitter for completing tasks. Now, what is a task? The task is simple, you just need to follow the below link to download some resource (In resource files, you will find some banners, caption, and Ivyadu social account usernames). Now you just need to post these banners on your social sites. For example, you have an account on Instagram, and on your Instagram, you have 1500 followers then you have to make a promotion post. you just need to post an image/video (you can find in resources) on your page with caption and tagging Ivyadu official page, that’s it. for getting credits, you have to submit your post link in the form given below. we will confirm it within 24hrs. After approving your post, we will add credits to your account.

Note: You have to keep the post at least for 3 days, and you can use this method once a month, next month you will be automatically eligible to repeat this procedure again.

Now, what type of post you can post?

For Instagram, you can post feeds only
For Facebook, you can post this on your own page and in a public group(for a public group you have to confirm group before sharing a post)
You can post it on your Twitter account as well.

Now the main thing that you should have is follower, there are limits and rates on every group.

For Instagram & Twitter

credit rates = social followers
First group rate is 100 credits =  750 to 1000 followers
200 credits = 1000 to 2500
400 credits = 2500 to 5000
600 credits = 5000 to 7500
800 credits = 7500 to 10000
1000 credits = 10000 to 12500
1200 credits = 12500 to 15000
1250 credits = 15000 to anything

Note: account could be personal, niche pages, quotes pages, news pages, memes pages, fan pages, or anything but we don’t allow out of Indian audience followers page.

For Facebook Pages

credit rates = social followers
First group rate is 100 credits =  750 to 1000 followers
200 credits = 1000 to 2500
300 credits = 2500 to 5000
400 credits = 5000 to 7500
500 credits = 7500 to 10000
600 credits = 10000 to 12500
700 credits = 12500 to 15000
800 credits = 15000 to 17500
900 credits = 17500 to 20000
1000 credits = 20000 to 22500
1100 credits = 22500 to 25000
1200 credits = 25000 to anything

For the Facebook group, you have contacted us by filling the contact form, you own any group that has many interest base user then you directly contact me at praveen@gyanpot.com

Affiliate Option:

You can earn credits while purchasing a year hosting for you. you will just need to follow our affiliate link. you have to purchase a business plan of shared hosting.

credit rates  = year hosting
400 credits = 1 year hosting (.com or .in domain free with one year plan)
800 credits = 2 year hosting
1000 credits = 3 year hosting

Note: you can redeem only these credits with real money after one month from the purchasing date. but if you will use these credits for a course then you will not get any refund period from hosting provider.

YouTube Video Submission:

If you have youtube channel then you also have chance to earn credits, first, confirm us your youtube channel, as always there is a limit for subscribers, you should have at least 4000 youtube subscriber on your channel.

For earing credits, you can post a video on your channel. your video should be at least 3-5 mins long if you are making your own, if you don’t want to make a video then you can use our resources video on your channel as well.

Note: video description should contain our website link

If you post more than 5 mins long vide then you can earn 2X more credits.

credit rates = social followers
250 credits = 4000 subscriber (at least 200 views)
500 credits = 750 to 1000 views
750 credits = 1000 to 2000 views
1000 credits = 2000 to 5000 views
1250 credits = more than 5000 views

Blog post submission:

If you have a blog then you can also earn the same credits as others. Your blog at least two months older, and have to confirm before creating content. you can earn up to 1250 credits with a single blog post.

credit rates = blog word count
500 credits = at least 800 words article
750 credits = 1200 words
1000 credits = 1500 words
1250 credits = 2000 words

Note: The article could be in Hindi, Hinglish, and English Language.

For more information, related to any query related to credits, you can ask on praveen@gyanpot.com

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